Thursday, April 30, 2009

You mustn't forget!

Saturday, May 2nd - THIS SATURDAY - is free comic book day. Started in 2002, FCBD is a celebration of independent comic book stores around North America as well as a way to generate interest in people new to the medium. You can get all the information you need at the FCBD website. You can use this store locator to find a participating retailer in your area. If you were wondering; at some point in the afternoon on Saturday, Sam, I and possibly my brother will be at Chris' Comics in Marshfield.

Fox seems to think I want to see the Wolverine movie:
Nope, sorry. After Watchmen I refuse to play along anymore.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shadowhare. A Name to Remember

Really? Though its a cute idea, the kid looks a bit too skinny. And Believe me, I am the king of Skinny Kids so I know. Also he sounds a lot like Michael Cera.

I guess I feel as though the Whole Super Hero Idea is too idealized in our society. It can never fully take the form that it is suppose to take in the comics. I could be wrong though


Did anyone else know...

Did Anyone else know that the Thing is Jewish?

Cause I sure as hell didn't. Props to Marvel for throwing that one in


License Plate I Saw Today and the Vomit that Followed.

Yes, it would help if I knew how to spell license.

Today I saw this:

This falls somewhere in between that uncomfortably sick feeling you get around overtly warm and fuzzy new couples and the gratification of seeing an old couple who still love each other. I'm just not sure where. By the way, I'm sorry this picture is so horribly framed. I didn't really feel like getting on my knees to take this.

This is now outside of my house:
So if anyone needs to know where I live: It's the house with the speed trap in front of it. Thank you, Town of Cohasset.

In lighter news: I was ruffling through old journals and notebooks for poetry and lyrics - I'm in a band. To my amazement I came to discover that some of my old writing was decent even memorable and catchy. Then I realised I was reading poetry that I had written and that is so totally gay.

Also, Wyatt comes back today! YAY!

Who wants to go to the comic book store tomorrow?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In Which I Am Impressed / In Which I Have No Motivation.

I've watched this video a few times now and have yet to fully wrap my head around it:
I get the Dark Knight comparisons... I guess. This feels more like the last shoot-out of Hard Boiled to me. A movie which probably inspired Heat which inspired the Dark Knight. Hey, fuck you.

I went to the beach today, which was beautiful. I regret not taking a picture or two but I didn't have my actual camera on me. On a down beat, for some weird reason a hint of sadness has followed me today. I just don't feel very up for anything. I know I should be cracking the second chapter of my comic right now but I have no drive.

I've spent most of my night reading this blog: Atop The Four Wall which is actually fucking great. Go to it. Read it.

And read Batman #686:

Listening to the Hold Steady made me feel like maybe I want to live the type of life they describe.

Monday, April 27, 2009

3 Comic book series you should be reading.

1) House of Mystery

Matthew Sturges and Bill Willingham (Fables) team up for this revival of the series that ran from 1951 - 1983. Revolving around 5 people trapped in a "purgatory-like house" that needs stories to survive. It features a different story within the main each issue.


Written and illustrated by Jeff Smith (Bone). The story is great but here I think the art is the real star. You can feel the movement, everything has atmosphere, nothing seems flat. It's beautiful.

3) Dead Irons

I really don't know much about this series, I have only read the first issue. What I can say is I found it gripping. I think this is over now, but I hope some piece of it continues in some form. This really is a treat for any fan of horror.

I should go to bed now.

Sam Kusek: This and That Guy

This is a Blog for Scott and I to be as Nerdy as possible, while still being a bit serious about the whole shebang.

I review comics, do art, ride bikes, and all around am a general Mensch.

Here's some other links to stuff I do:

I'll be posting a bunch this summer so get ready for stuff.....


Review: Superman: Secret Identity.

Superman: Secret Identity 1-4.
Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Kurt Busiek
Artist: Stuart Immonen

This book came out in 2004. Now, I am incredibly behind the times when it comes to certain things. Mainstream comic series is one of them. I probably should have read this before, but, as they say, better late than never.

Superman: Secret Identity tells the story of a teen-ager named - in an ironic and annoying gesture by his parents - Clark Kent from Picketsville (Smallville), Kansas. For years Clark, mostly because of his name, has been somewhat anti-social. Keeping to himself, he keeps a journal, typed out on an old typewriter he keeps in a tractor dubbed the 'Fortress of Solitude' by his father. One night, during one of the many private camping trips Kent takes and after having one of the most accurate bad dreams I have ever seen in a comic, Clark awakes to find himself floating over mid-air. He soon comes to realise he has the powers of Superman.

Now, at first this concept seems... I don't know... fucking lame? A kid from our world, named Clark Kent, gaining powers equal to that of Superman. Thin, yes, but wait, there is more to this than one would think. Each book covers roughly a decade of Kent's life, while jumping roughly a decade in between each book.

Book one deals with how Kent comes to terms with his powers, his struggle to decide if he should or should not reveal himself to the world - there is a great subplot featuring a reported trying to make Kent out himself for her own selfish gain - and the first real test of his powers. Book two covers Kent's move to Manhattan (Metropolis), his career as a writer for The New Yorker and meeting the women who will be his wife, Lois (Lane) Chaudhari and his decision to share with her his powers.

Now Book Two is probably my favorite and here's why: A subplot involving the government hunting Clark Kent. Yeah, this is kinda trait but at the same time, it works so well. It adds limited information and explanation to why Kent has his power while at the same time adds a new level of mystery. Now in book three, Lois becomes pregnant and Kent decides to reach out and help the one's after him in a deal - with conditions - to get them off his back and to protect his family.

With all this in mind, I must say that where this series really grows its legs is in its four and final book. So much is uncovered here. The origin of his powers, who the people he is working for really are and what happens to an aging superhero - seeing Superman with a giant gray beard is brilliant.

Busiek treats this story with so much care. I think he knew how flimsy the book could have been if not written with a loving hand. There are moments of real tenderness and joy mixed in with all the crash and bang we expect in a Superman comic. All the characters are human and practical and never does the story, which is mainly driven by it's characters, get outlandish or stupid.

However, I do have a few complaints. They are minor but still worth mentioning. The book's tone is very light, don't expect a brute of a main character, this isn't Watchmen. Immonen's art, at times beautiful, becomes a wash at certain spots. Also, if Clark Kent hated all the Superman joke, then why oh why would he wear a Superman costume?

Beside these minor offenses, I would highly recommend this book.

My awful logo.

I made this.

Horrible, I know. Eventually Sam will draw a better version of this which will we use as our real logo. This was just a reference piece for him and his great art stylings. If you are wondering, which you are not, I made this in paint. MS PAINT. Same with the banner above. Whereas the banner turned out good, because I kept it simple, this picture is just mess. Enjoy.

We Haev Blorghs.

Greetings and Welcome to the Significant Roblog a blog devoted to the creations of myself, Scott Andrew McArthur and my confidant Sam Kusek. Otherwise known as the Significant Robot. We are working on many projects and have a few off the ground right now, including the always brilliant, the classic Talky Talk. Aside from that we are currently working on a comic book/graphic novel/whatever the fuck you kids call it these days. We will try to post updates as well as art, script and even some completed pages as we can. Right now I am working endlessly on getting the layout of this mother fucker right, nice and sexy for all of you. Expect things to constantly be changing.

In the meantime, here is a reminder why we should all fear Boston Dynamics, The Big Dog: