Wednesday, April 29, 2009

License Plate I Saw Today and the Vomit that Followed.

Yes, it would help if I knew how to spell license.

Today I saw this:

This falls somewhere in between that uncomfortably sick feeling you get around overtly warm and fuzzy new couples and the gratification of seeing an old couple who still love each other. I'm just not sure where. By the way, I'm sorry this picture is so horribly framed. I didn't really feel like getting on my knees to take this.

This is now outside of my house:
So if anyone needs to know where I live: It's the house with the speed trap in front of it. Thank you, Town of Cohasset.

In lighter news: I was ruffling through old journals and notebooks for poetry and lyrics - I'm in a band. To my amazement I came to discover that some of my old writing was decent even memorable and catchy. Then I realised I was reading poetry that I had written and that is so totally gay.

Also, Wyatt comes back today! YAY!

Who wants to go to the comic book store tomorrow?

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