Sunday, May 31, 2009

A few things before I go to sleep.

I've been listening to a neat little podcast called Made of Fail. If you're into anything nerdy, check them out. Also, if you're interested, listen to DumpsterTech. DT isn't really my thing, but some of you might find it interesting.

Tomorrow night Conan O'Brien takes over The Tonight Show. Maybe you could say I'm a little too excited about this, but I love Conan. I can't wait. Here's a picture of his studio. Its neat!

Tomorrow, Jon, Sam and myself are having our first meeting of the brains. Handjobs abound!

Don't read Bite Club. It's not that great.

Next up: Sinestro Corps War. Excited!

The Team.

Hopefully, soon, Jon Drain will be posting on this blog every once and a while. We'll be giving him fun topics to write about... such as... LARPING!

He will also be assisting us on our comic.

About that... we're re-tooling things a bit so everything has comes to a slow pace. We're shifting our focus from a longer, novel sized story and trying to get a few short stories out first.

Wish us luck!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Hey, Jon Drain.

This is an update. I love you.


Movie: "Drag Me To Hell"
Year: 2009
Rated: PG-13
Genre: Horror / Suspense
Directed by: Sam Raimi
Written by: Sam Raimi and Ivan Raimi

Sam Raimi, the venerable horror director, returns to a genre he nearly perfect after 22 years. Drag Me to Hell, a movie based on a script written as far back as the early 90s, is finally hitting theatres. I cannot tell you how excited I was, about a year ago, to find out Raimi was returning to horror. Adding to the fact the title of the the film was DRAG ME TO HELL. I couldn't wait. I couldn't help imagining the balls-to-the-wall experience only Raimi can provide. Then, I saw the trailer. I was not grab, in fact, I was worried. Worried that, like many other movies made by Ghost House pictures - A company owned by Sam - it was going to be a lame, tame, uninspired garb. Plus, a PG-13 rating? Come on! YOU DID EVIL DEAD 2!

Regardless, I solider on and I have seen Drag Me to Hell. Now, it it any good?

For the most part: Yes.

This movie has everything you'd expect from Raimi. It is frenetic, over-the-top, hilarious, and grueling. Even after the convoluted nature of Spider-Man 3, Raimi proves he is still able to produce a good straight-forward horror movie. He hasn't gone soft. He's left emo Peter far behind and is ready to punch to audience in the face. Many people may see the PG-13 rating as a hindrance, but Raimi pushes the bounders of the rating. He includes all the sick bits you would see in an Evil Dead movie, just not as much.

I do have to say one thing about this, however. For the most part the film relies on jump-scares, as do many PG-13 rated horror films. However, the movie has a weird rhythm. I would consider myself a horror expert (I'm going to say, yes, I have watched 10,000 hours of horror movies) and even I couldn't tell when things were going to pop out of nowhere to scare you. You know how most of these films use their scores to scare you? Everything goes quiet and then BOOM! In Drag Me to Hell Christopher Young's score is at full blast the entire time. You never feel like you have control over the situation and it's perfect.

If you're an Evil Dead fan, like me, you'll have a lotta fun with this movie. The references are everywhere. You could consider this entire movie a reference to Evil Dead 2 and if you're a huge nerd about it, there is one moment that will warm your heart. (Seriously, I can't believe they included that.) Both movies have the same feel thanks to Peter Deming's wild cinematography.

Now a few things bug me. For one thing, I don't like Justin Long. I don't think I ever will. He just... I don't know, rubs me the wrong way. There is no Bruce Campbell. For a movie soaking in Evil Dead, why couldn't Ash poke his head in for a second. Yes, you hear Campbell's voice, but that's not enough. I think there were too many gross out scares and that the movie relied on them a little to strongly. Lastly, the ending... that ending. It's not bad. It works. It could be seen as funny. It felt mean to me. I could feel the rug as it was pull out from under me. I liked that rug. Give it back.

Is Sam Raimi back? Well, He never went anywhere. Spider-Man 3 had problems but was passable. Ok, wait... Is horror-movie-making Sam Raimi back? Possibly. If he decides to stop worrying about money and goes all out making a hard R horror movie then I would say so. For now, he is just vacationing in a town where he used to live. A town in which he was very popular and important. The citizens are asking you to stay a little bit longer, Sam, so why don't you?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This is one thing Comic Book Movies don't need to stop doing

He's crazy and I love it.

I don't know, guy.

If you aren't familiar with the Spider-Man's post Civil War storyline One More Day then I'll sum things up for you: Everyone knows who Spider-man is, Aunt May gets shot as a result of this, Peter decides the only way to deal with this is SELL HIS MARRIAGE WITH MARY JANE TO MEPISTO SO AUNT MAY CAN LIVE.

Now, I won't go on and on about how fucking insane and stupid a move this was. We all know this is way way out of character for Peter Parker. We all know this goes against some of the main tenements of Spider-Man mythos (Why didn't he ask for Uncle Ben and Gwen Stacy back?). My main problem with this is... well... it's just so cruel. If any two characters in any comic series deserve to be happy and together it's Peter and Mary Jane. Marvel editor-in-chief and writer Joe Quesada doesn't think so. Yes. I'll say that again: THE FUCKING EDITOR-IN-CHIEF OF MARVEL HAS UNDONE A MAJOR PART OF ONE OF THEIR MOST POPULAR CHARACTER'S LINEAGE.

Now, before I get too off-topic here, in Sunday's newspaper comic strip of Spider-Man, Peter woke up to find out this whole business with Mepisto was just a dream!

To put this bluntly: I am never reading another Marvel comic again.

Need more reasoning? Now you don't.

Anime Boston

Once a year, the office people of both Boylston, Newbury and Mass Ave. Streets are greeted with the awkward stylings and acne filled faces of anime nerds. Many are dressed as Ichigo Kurosaki (BLEACH main character) while others sport the red cloud of the Akatsuki (Naruto's main antagonist group). I, however, took the high road, sporting cut off shorts and a "Two Pikachu's Shirt" (For those you who don't know what that is, go on Youtube and find the video under Snorlax). It was a interesting con; lets go over some of the good times and the bad.


-I did a panel! This was only my third con but at 10am on Friday, me and my other colleages over at Manga Recon sat down with about 30 people. We spoke of series long gone, forgotten by mankind, time and space. I talked about Cyborg 009, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and What's Michael. It was a lot of fun and I'd love to do it again. I described it to a few people as "it was like talking too a bunch of friends. They really were interested in what we had to say and wanted to get involved."

-I found some really rare stuff for pretty cheap. I got Final Fantasy Tactics for 25$, Metropolis for $5 (Normally its 15), a first edition copy of Gyo (I gave it Scott cause I have Gyo memorized. Its about walking fish who scare people. Done), volumes 5-9 of "Here is Greenwood" for $30, and a pretty rare Gundam model. Overall, I spent $180 but it was totally worth it.

-The panels I saw were pretty impressive. I really enjoyed the Saiyuki or Journey to the West panel, it was a run through of all the adaptations since the 1960s following up until the adaptation done by Gorillaz Artist, Jamie Christopher Hewlett. I also saw a "Worst of Osamu Tezuka", which was hilarious and eye-opening within its own right. Osamu Tezuka, probably one of the greatest Manga creators ever, basically used all the money he had made from Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion to feed his own messy and incredibly bad creations. One of them was 4 live action actors in the future, however the heads were animated. It was creeply tasteful. Time well spent.

-I ended up having a lot of nice conversations with people. And they were just about OMG i love that series, we talked about Digital Distribution Issues, Old Manga, Costumes, etc etc. I felt like there was a nice community this year.

-This is a personal goal but it was achieved nonetheless. As I walking early on to go to my panel, the two sisters from Comicopia came up behind me. "Hey are you gonna come by and visit our panel?", they asked and of course I replied with a "of course!" I have finally been recognized as a regular costumer at Comicopia! They know my name and they cut me some deals at the table! I am very pleased!

-Fail Areas:

-Not really any impressive cosplay. I saw a lot of work put in but nothing stood out. Some people just don't know how to dress.

-Some of the panels ended up just being fucking stupid. I went to the ADV Panel, which was David Williams and his wife, answering questions about ADV films. Only he wasn't able to answer any of the important questions (ADV's Budget, certain plans for the future) and avoiding answering the stupid ones ("Is this series coming out soon? What's happening with this specific licsence?") The same thing happened at the Sailor Moon and I just left.

-Anime Boston is kind of like the kid brother of Anime Cons. There really aren't as many announcements as NY or San Diego Comic Con. It kind of sucks for a review so its more of a fan based Con.

Other than all of that junk, Here are some pictures. you should go next year, It worth it if you can enjoy awkward people and nerdy things.

Don't y'all wish this was real?

Awesome fan made trailer. I never thought about Nathan Fillion for Hal Jordan but the more I think about it, the more it works. Sam and I will get into a fight about this. I'll post the results of that later.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Remember Sham-Wow!?

Terminator: Salivation.

Terminator Salvation
Year: 2009
Rated: PG-13
Genre: Science Fiction / Action
Director: McG
Writer(s): John D. Brancato, Michael Ferris
Uncredited Writer(s): Jonathan Nolan, Anthony E. Zuiker, Shawn Ryan, Paul Haggis, David C. Wilson.

Note: I'm going to try to give the reviews a more formal look from now on. I'm basically copying i-mockery's way of doing it. Umm.. go to their website, it's better than this. I'll probably put a link in the sidebar when I'm done with this.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks thats a lot of uncreated writers. Please. That's just unreal. My god. That many people, including someone who wrote the Dark Knight (DK for short) couldn't make this movie any good.

Yeah, I'll spare you the plot - it only boarders on interesting a few times, but always stays in that 'huh, what, this doesn't work with the other movies' area for way too long - and come out and say it: This is the worst giant fighting robot movie of the year.

To begin with, this movie isn't really about John Conner. It's about this possible robot man guy named Marcus... or something. And it's about Kyle Reese. Being more of a fan of the Reese character than anyone else in the series, I enjoyed this aspect. Now, beyond that, there really are no other characters. They're all just there. Waiting for their robot enemies to attack or what-have-you. Some one's pregnant. Some one's Asian and has ash marks permanently around her eyes. And some one is the rapper Common. Beyond that, they ain't much else.

The acting is bland. It's kinda sci-fi channel original caliber acting with Christian Bale pretending he is still playing Batman. Which gets so annoying as all hell. Jesus. Stop doing that. On the subject of Batman, this movie suffers from the DK backlash: It's needlessly dark and serious in tone, there is little breathing room, and every character has to either die or go through some major loss. None on which seems significant in this movie because you never really care about what's happening to any of the characters. Besides that Marcus guy, I cared about him.

Now, the action is actually exciting, for what it is. The style was a cross between Michael Bay and Children of Men. Frantic but up-close and never lingering. However, there are only about 3 actual action scenes. One really long one and a few shorter ones.

This movie gave me Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull flashbacks, which isn't good. Everything about this just felt so phoned-in and under-thought. Nothing had any importance. It didn't make you feel like Connor was this great hero over the machines. It didn't even make me feel like the Machines were really that big of a problem in the future. Also, Helena Bonham Carter shows up near that end and I thought that was really strange.

Hey, just watch T2.

Friday, May 22, 2009

2009 is the summer of giant fighting robots

For some reason, I have yet to figure out, I find Christian Bale inherently funny. The way he talks, his mannerisms, his over-blown approach to every character he plays. I'm not saying I think he is a bad actor. He is a perfect Patrick Bateman... Hold up, what is this? Justin Theroux was in American Psycho? Either way, there's something about Bale. Something I find funny. This video is probably better than either the new Terminator or new Transformers movies. I plan on seeing Salvation tonight and review for this lovely blog.

Thursday, May 21, 2009



if this was the movie, i would be okay with that

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So I pretty much suck. I haven't advanced much in my writing for a few reasons. For one, I am finding it hard to start the chapter I am currently working on. I don't know what angle to come at it and I have yet to "crack" it. Secondly, summer has more or less begun, everyone is home and I have obligations to keep up. Third, my laptop is working again (but for how long?) so I have been going through the long, depressing process and transferring files from one computer to the next and deciding what to keep and what to trash. I'm keeping backups to pretty much everything. I'm going to be smart about this this time. Finally, saddest of all, and the thing that has been taking up most of my time: David Lynch. I'm so obsessed with Twin Peaks. I can't put into words how much a nearly 20 year old show means to me right now. Also, I ended up DLing most of Throbbing Gristle's discography last night.

In other words: I've been busy. Partly for legitimate reasons, partly for bullshit, addictive personality reasons.

I have so many comics to read and have yet to get to them. I need to stop impulse buying things.

On a neutral note, I'm putting drum lessons aside for a while to trying to concentrate on things. Lets see how far that goes.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Comics (to prove my worth with)

Hey howdy everyone

SO I like comics and I like heroes. But what I like more than all of that, is making fun of those heroes. Thus over the course of the last semester, I drew a few comics about how stupid heroes can be. I hope you enjoy them and that this gives me some credibility as an artist. Lets watch. you gotta hate that Dr. Mahattan. He won't even look at you during sex. He's just too busy doing science

p.s. For the Fall and the Flood, I am changing the character designs to my original ideas. Think of it as added some tabasco sauce to your french fries

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Have you been to Africa like I have?

Tuesday night my brother and I went to the middle east to see the band Big Business:

Now that's a bad cell phone picture, deal with it. Even though I think they were better when I saw them with the Melvins, Big Bizz were great. The second band that played, Tweak Bird were a very fun lot as well. Motherboar... eh.

Yesterday morning, Sam and I took a trip to Chris' comics. I got a handful of Vampire comics and "Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?" Part 2. Sam, on the other hand, picked up some What Ifs?.
Here's a picture of some of the toys you'll find at Chris':
Later in the day I picked up "Sinestro Corps War" Vol 1.

We are also starting the Significant Robot Bicycling Troupe. Maybe you can become a junior member.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Blog update - 5/11/09

Expect a bit, if not major, slow down in posts from me. There are two reasons for this. One, I want to start writing more. A lot more. I want to get at least half-way through this comic by the end of next week. The second reason: my computer is old, on it's last legs and most likely about to epic fail soon. It happens.

However, you can expect the following:
-Sam and I will be turning an old radio into a bee
-Artwork from our work-in-progress comic
-More movie and comic review (as soon as I get out to Chris' again)
-More in-fighting between Sam and I over who will be the Green Lantern
-My continued hatred of Family Guy
-A whole bunch of surprises sure to knock your socks off

Here's your first Lil preview of our comic: A PICTURE OF THE OUTLINE!
That little preview comic for the Dawn of the Dead graphic novel came with the Ultimate Edition DVD box-set. Bought it the day it came out. Some of the best 30 bucks I ever spent.

I believe it's a prequel to Star Wars.

Star Trek is, in my humble opinion, probably going to be the best movie of the summer. Maybe Public Enemies will top it, but for sheer entertainment and satisfaction my money would be on Trek.

A 2 hour joy-fest, Trek is a movie that likes you back. It gives you everything you could ask for in a sci-fi movie: Drama, huge action scenes, comedy and, most importantly, heart (Go Captain Planet). Every single actor, no matter how small the role, gives 110%. Even Tyler Perry (Yes, Tyler fucking Perry is in this movie) gives it his all. My only real acting complaint would lay on Eric Bana for being a bit too over-the-top in some scenes and never really seeming to have real justification for his actions. My favorite actor in the whole thing would have to be Karl Urban for his dead-on McCoy. It's almost scary.

The tone was light, breezy and fun. I found this very refreshing. Since the Dark Knight every movie thinks it needs to kill at least 3 main characters and depress the hell out of you. This movie, however, wants to excite you, create wonder and awe in you. I have to say it worked.

There are moments that I found out of place or strange but they are largely forgivable. There were times I felt a bit lost in the call backs to the original series (something I don't care for) but I mostly got the in-jokes.

I know a lot of trekkies don't really like this but, hey, part 5 is still a lot worse. Get over yourselves and your love for such a cheesy TV show. It is in my personal opinion that to fully embrace and love something you have to first admit, if this is true, that it sucks. Star Trek sucked, it was hokey and silly. I'm a huge Firefly fan and I know that makes me a huge outsider in a lot of nerd circles, but I'm fine with that.

Which brings me to a point I want to make, something I have against this movie. I think the main reason trekkies don't like this movie, besides undoing everything we already know: It doesn't really feel like a Trek movie. It feels more like something like Serenity. A free-floating movie in it's own mythos, unconnected to anything else. Hopefully, all of this will be fleshed out in the Trek films to come.

I do want to see this again, I probably will. It's great. See it.

There were Stars and they trekked...

So on Friday May 8th, Scott and I saw Star Trek.

It's an exciting movie. It ended up not being a simple retelling of the classic tale for a new generation (thank god, thats what next generation is for) but rather a storyline that you might find in an actual Star Trek episode; filled to the brim with time travel, laser beams, screaming aliens and some fighting. Writing-wise, the movie was a comfortable balance of serious, peace-loving anti-racism undertones and good old fashioned humor. Chris Pine did a great job at being a sarcastic asshole and Zachary Quinto was pretty much spot on as Spock. I can't think of a better actor to get that emotionless but still kind of creepy dead pan demeanor.

All in all, I would say it was two hours well spent. I came out of the film feeling excited about the quality of the picture and was really happy to tell other people. So go see it

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Can't forget this

We were mentioned on Super Punch.

I think we have a new friend.

Hal Jordan.

Live with it.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I will be seeing Star Trek.

I know I just went all nerd-rage and blasted origin stories but I will be seeing Star Trek. I know: it's an origin story. Worse than that: it's a mother fucking prequel (I HATE THE WORD!). The simple fact of the matter is: It Looks Good.

I'm not a huge fan of J.J. Abrams - I lost interest in Fringe after about 3 weeks (I liked it better when it was called the X-Files). I've seen like 3 episodes of LOST, and I do like Alias but don't care for the over-arching mythos of the show. I LOVED Cloverfield. In short, the man has good ideas, he is interesting. But, the work he is producing has really generated any interest in me.

With that said, I will be seeing Star Trek.

While We're Being Upset...

In terms of the rumored Green Lantern film featuring this guy:

Why would you choose Bradley Cooper?

The gay guy from Wet Hot American Summer? Not that I don't enjoy the acting of Bradley I just don't think his comedic efforts are good enough to fill those emerald shoes. Midnight Meat Train was alright but just not that great (disclaimer: Green Lantern is in no way a Leprachun). He is Guy Gardener at best.

Choose Chris Pine.

Someone start a campaign or something.

Review: Green Arrow: Year One

Green Arrow: Year One
Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Andy Diggle
Artist: Jock (Mark Simpson)

Jock? The Artist's name is 'Jock'? Alright...

Why am I pointing this out? Well, because like everything else about this book: it's all so much bullshit.

I don't really even feel like going over the story. Why? Well, for one, THE FUCKING NAME OF THE DAMN THING IS YEAR ONE, WONDER WHAT THAT'S GOING TO BE ABOUT!

I'm really not even that mad or anything at this book, it's a fun, fast read. Some neat action scenes. You get some - albeit pointless - insight into the character himself. My problem here is this: Origin stories, necessary? I say no. I have always said no. Why do I need to know the origin of a character? Why can't I just live with them? I don't really NEED to know their back story. My favorite books and movies just throw you in the middle of things and say: "Hey, whatever, you'll figure it out." Beside, the Green Arrow has and will always be a second tier character, everyone knows that. He has very little presence in the Green Lantern/Green Arrow crossover aside from popping up every once and a while for a fight scene or to bitch about something. His new storyline is Green Arrow and Black Canary and I think more people care about Black Canary than they do Green Arrow.

Now I really like Green Arrow, I'm one of the few, but, oh why DC? Why do we need this? I would - maybe this is awful of me for saying - call the Green Arrow a wikipedia character. You just need a quick summary of where he came from, then get into the action. I don't give a shit about this story, or whatever the fuck island he ended up on, or whatever the fuck China White did, or any of it.

I will never recommend this. Origin stories are bullshit. This Never Happened.

Note: I honestly could have torn this book apart, but my like of the character curbed that from happening. It's too short, too dull, and just unnecessary. Don't read it. Get the Longbow Hunter or Quiver instead.

And to answer your question: Yes, my hatred of origin stories is the reason - bsides the fact I hate Marvel (see: One More Day) - I will not be seeing the Wolverine movie.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Picture

To Prove we know what we are talking about:

Busy Bees.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Free Comic Book Day!

As I mentioned in my previous post, last Saturday - Free Comic Book Day, Sam and I went to Chris' Comics in Marshfield. We have decide to share our thoughts not only on how the day went but also on the store itself.

A store of humble size, in my eyes Chris' is one of the best comic book shops in the area. While the store is small, the selection is endless. You could probably find almost anything and everything you are looking for. Long boxes fill the store with gems waiting to be unearthed and enjoyed. Interested in Silver Age What Ifs? They have that. Want to find old X-Men issues? They have a section devoted just to them. They even have the last 7 years of 100 bullets all organized for you.

Now, something I love about Chris' is something they do that I have never seen another store do. They will take all the issues in an entire story-arch, package it all together and sell it for anywhere from 5 to 15 dollars off the cover price. Remember that Superman: Secret Identity 1-4 review? Well, I got that for about 10 dollars off the cover.

One of the few complains I have about the store is a lack of newer issues from smaller comic publishers. Also, the store FEELS small. It IS small but when there are more than 3 people in there it FEELS small. Added to that is the fact that some parts of the store are cluttered, moving around becomes difficult.

Chris' is a great little shop, go to it, I'll come with you. We'll cry and laugh together. The man himself as more then generous when it came to the free comics and it was good to see some younger kids and girls in the store. It was a great day at a great store.

- Scott


Chris's Comic Store was more of a surprise to me than anything else. I was introduced to Comic Book Stores that mainly dabbled in Graphic Novels, having small, if any, long-box sections. So I was pleasantly surprised when I entered that Saturday to find a plethora of Classic Comics I had only read about.

As Scott mentioned, Chris's boasts quite a selection. If you have a particular quirk, there is no doubt that you'll be able to find it. What was more impressive than the numbers of comics, was the sheer rarity of the comics. I was able to find "Power of the Atom" as well as several "What If" comics, amongst literally thousands of Silver, Bronze and Modern Age Comics. Not only can you find rare things, you can find them in their entirety. No more periless searches for that one lost issue. Also included are rare and old toys, baseball/trading card games, and tabletop games, catering to a wide variety of the Geek/Nerd Spectrum.

My main concerns lie also in the size. As skinny as I am, I still felt like a Mouse in a Maze, very crowded. It was nice to see a collection of customers though, ranging from younger nerdy kids to some geeky adults. The staff was very friendly and helpful but its the classic comic book store dilemma, If you're not in, you're out. I felt like no matter how much I knew about comics, it didn't matter, I couldn't have a great conversation with them. This isn't a big deal if you are just going for comics, but I like to establish a relationship with owners frequently and I felt Chris's a little hard to break into.

Overall, I am looking forward to going to Chris's Comics again. The prices were very fair, ranging from 1 to 5 dollars an issue and I certainly can see the quality of care they take with their products.


Arts, Farts and Craps: "The Thing" Television Project

When it comes to art, I'm weird.

I collect abandoned Tv's. Not like old Tv's you may have just lying around your home that you are willing to give away. I find mine on the mean streets of Boston and give them a loving home. What do I do with these perfect portrayers of image, you may ask? I give them new life, as Art Pieces.

Last October, when I lived in Allston, I went out to get some food at the local Vietnamese/Chinese/Korean/Japanese Food Court. As soon as I left my apartment though, I ran into a beautiful set. It was much bigger than any I had previously owned and I felt I must take it. Months later, I had a concept. For those of you who don't see my on a regular basis, I own a Ben Grimm/The Thing (Jack Kirby Era) Belt Buckle, because I treasure the family values that the Fantastic Four creates and Ben Grimm as the tragic character that he is. I had also recently purchased the "What If: The Fantastic Four all had the same powers?". So I thought of nothing more appropriate to paint.

Lets take a look at the artistic proces through photos:
1. Photobucket
I started off with a simple Orange Spray Paint base, covering the entire surface area of the TV, minus the bottom. The Color came out nice and bright, exactly how Kirby intended. It was a painting process in the ass but it was worth it.

2. Base
The Funny thing is I ended up having to get a 2nd Can, which I wasn't anticipating. This is the TV before the 2nd Coat.

3. Painting 2
This is during the 2nd Coating. Look at how Bright that came out!

4. Done
After adding the lines with a Giant Paint Marker, this is finished product. Please ignore my goofiness while holding it.

Thing Back
This is the Top. Design-wise, I think the TV really captures the essence of the Thing.

The Tower of Artistically Recreated Televisions. I need a concept for the Final One but for right now, I am a proud puppy.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Deadpool loves him his yellow boxes.

I don't know if any of you out there keep up with the "Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC" videos on youtube. I have to say this is by far the funniest and its brand new, fresh and hilarious:

Just head on over to ItsJustSomeRandomGuy's proflie for the rest of the videos.

Free Comic Book Day = Tomorrow.