Thursday, May 7, 2009

While We're Being Upset...

In terms of the rumored Green Lantern film featuring this guy:

Why would you choose Bradley Cooper?

The gay guy from Wet Hot American Summer? Not that I don't enjoy the acting of Bradley I just don't think his comedic efforts are good enough to fill those emerald shoes. Midnight Meat Train was alright but just not that great (disclaimer: Green Lantern is in no way a Leprachun). He is Guy Gardener at best.

Choose Chris Pine.

Someone start a campaign or something.


  1. Am I the only person who thinks Hal Jordan should be played by a guy in his mid 30s?

  2. Meh If you can find a suitable one, sure

  3. Let's not forget that the maniacal nemesis of batman was played by Heath Ledger, the same guy who was the bad-ass in 10 things I hate about you.
    Let's not judge until we see some teasers. Then we can bitch about this.
    Just remember that some actors get pigeon-holed into shitty roles. I think that is this guys problem and this might pull him out of it. Maybe. Maybe not.
    Hi Sam.