Thursday, May 7, 2009

Review: Green Arrow: Year One

Green Arrow: Year One
Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Andy Diggle
Artist: Jock (Mark Simpson)

Jock? The Artist's name is 'Jock'? Alright...

Why am I pointing this out? Well, because like everything else about this book: it's all so much bullshit.

I don't really even feel like going over the story. Why? Well, for one, THE FUCKING NAME OF THE DAMN THING IS YEAR ONE, WONDER WHAT THAT'S GOING TO BE ABOUT!

I'm really not even that mad or anything at this book, it's a fun, fast read. Some neat action scenes. You get some - albeit pointless - insight into the character himself. My problem here is this: Origin stories, necessary? I say no. I have always said no. Why do I need to know the origin of a character? Why can't I just live with them? I don't really NEED to know their back story. My favorite books and movies just throw you in the middle of things and say: "Hey, whatever, you'll figure it out." Beside, the Green Arrow has and will always be a second tier character, everyone knows that. He has very little presence in the Green Lantern/Green Arrow crossover aside from popping up every once and a while for a fight scene or to bitch about something. His new storyline is Green Arrow and Black Canary and I think more people care about Black Canary than they do Green Arrow.

Now I really like Green Arrow, I'm one of the few, but, oh why DC? Why do we need this? I would - maybe this is awful of me for saying - call the Green Arrow a wikipedia character. You just need a quick summary of where he came from, then get into the action. I don't give a shit about this story, or whatever the fuck island he ended up on, or whatever the fuck China White did, or any of it.

I will never recommend this. Origin stories are bullshit. This Never Happened.

Note: I honestly could have torn this book apart, but my like of the character curbed that from happening. It's too short, too dull, and just unnecessary. Don't read it. Get the Longbow Hunter or Quiver instead.

And to answer your question: Yes, my hatred of origin stories is the reason - bsides the fact I hate Marvel (see: One More Day) - I will not be seeing the Wolverine movie.

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