Monday, April 27, 2009

3 Comic book series you should be reading.

1) House of Mystery

Matthew Sturges and Bill Willingham (Fables) team up for this revival of the series that ran from 1951 - 1983. Revolving around 5 people trapped in a "purgatory-like house" that needs stories to survive. It features a different story within the main each issue.


Written and illustrated by Jeff Smith (Bone). The story is great but here I think the art is the real star. You can feel the movement, everything has atmosphere, nothing seems flat. It's beautiful.

3) Dead Irons

I really don't know much about this series, I have only read the first issue. What I can say is I found it gripping. I think this is over now, but I hope some piece of it continues in some form. This really is a treat for any fan of horror.

I should go to bed now.