Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June, or why things have been so slow lately.

Actually, I wouldn't say slow, per say, but maybe you've noticed we've been posting more news stories than original content lately. The main reason being Sam and I haven't been able to do anything together for about 2 weeks now. Starting the second week of July things around here will start to pick up; this is what I'm aiming for, at least. We have a few video ideas and if I twist Sam's arm enough I think we'll post some of our comics. I don't mean the entire thing, just some samples for your consideration.

Either way, June was an impressive month for us. We are getting closer to 100 posts and I think we'll have something special planned for that... if we can think of anything.

We're becoming a real blog! HURRAY! Oh, you like us, you really like us! I just can't believe it! You like us!

I have planned a Public Enemies review when I get the time to see that movie, so look out for that.

Besides that; unless something really dire, or ridiculously awesome, comes up; this will probably be my last post until after the 4th.

Oh, I realise I should probably mention this. Yes, I have been editing the layout quite a bit lately. There are a few more things I want to do but I run the risk of looking silly. If the other Sig Bot member agree with my choices, then a drastic change can be expected. I am really happy with the look of the blog right now. If you think so, let me know. If you don't then I hate you.

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