Friday, July 24, 2009

A weird feeling of Joss.

So tonight I saw Taking Back Sunday? Why? Beyond it being free, I really don't know.


Yes, as you can see; the Whedon penned The Cabin in the Woods has 3 new, self-aware posters out; yay! and boo! Yay, because I'm a fan of both Whedon and director Drew Goddard; who also wrote Cloverfield.

Now, why boo? These poster are emblematic of something I don't personally find appealing about Whedon's work: The wry, sometimes too self-awareness to it all. I honestly have no problem with things being a bit tongue-in-cheek. A light smathering of fourth wall breaking is par-for-the-course. However, when everything and everyone involved knows it's in a form of media it's, for me; impossible not to feel like something is being pulled over on me. That I'm being fucked with.

I know horror as a long standing tradition of knowing it's surroundings. But come on, Joss; you're the guy who usually pushes genre's into new territory. This feels like a lazy attempt at fan service. Using the weakest chain to pull in the Evil Dead crowd. But I'm not sure I should solely blame Whedon for this.

I'm one who has defended and ridiculed camp. For one, camp is not nearly as bad as people like to think. There are times when things get inordinately campy that they cross the boarder into being inspired or even genius. Other times, usually when Joel Schumacher is involved; (yeah, Sam, I went there) where everything becomes so overloaded it's abysmal torture.

I think, probably wrongly so; that being self-aware, breaking the fourth wall and tongue-in-cheekness is a style of camp. Postmodernism has been described as kitsch mixed with high art. I'll agree with it being kitsch. I've never felt any real form of non-accidental intelligence coming from anything postmodern excluding Sergio Leone's Once Upon a Time in the West.

But maybe I'm pontificating here for no real reason. These are early posters for a movie that is coming out in a year. What are posters? Advertisements. Maybe they are less important because of trailers and review aggregating websites such as Rotten Tomatoes. Still, posters play an important role, kinda. These posters grabbed me. They got me thinking, they slightly angered me, but most importantly: They make me want to see this film.

So, I guess they won.

EDIT: The original title to this entry was, 'A weird feeling of loss.' I have changed it to, 'A weird feeling of Joss' because I thought that was clever. I am a shithead.

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