Friday, July 3, 2009

A Query for the Fans #1

So anywho, I moved out of my cambridge residence this morning. Before lifting heavy boxes though, I powered up, eating homefries and watching the 1990s "Mortal Kombat" film. I must say, it is quite enjoyable and for the small section I watched, I caught a great segment. This segment consisted of Lu Kang, some girl (I assume Sonia) walking around until Sub Zero shows up. He lets them know that he doesn't hate them and wants to be friends and help them. THEN, Scorpion shows up, launches some snakes out of his hands (which doesn't really make sense) while saying his oh-so-classic line "Get Over Here!" A fight ensues.

This got me thinking:

Why aren't there more nerd arguments about who would win in a fight between Sub Zero, Scorpion and/or Reptile? For something so relevant to our generation, you would think people would have more opinions.

I personally like Sub Zero. The whole ice thing can get overplayed but I think Sub Zero was one of the pioneers of the ability.


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