Monday, July 20, 2009


So far the Blackest Night is pretty good. Issue #1 is largely a build-up issue, reintroducing us to the DC world, complete with who's dead, should be dead and who isn't but might just be soon. I was pleased with the introduction of the Black Lanterns. Though zombies and the fact that their rings say "Flesh", I found them to be a nice alternative to regular living dead. They talked, told some crafty jokes and altogether knew how to kill.

Intelligent zombies + Green Lanterns + a bunch of other lanterns = good stuff

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  1. I've seen more zombie movies than you and I'd argue that most I've seen have talking, wise-cracking zombies.

    The slow, mute zombies are really only Romero and a few other purist's bag. I wouldn't call them "regular" living dead.

    I would consider voodoo zombies "regular" living dead given the term's origin in folklore related to voodoo.