Tuesday, July 14, 2009

With Pictures

Being men about town, like Howard Moon, Sam and I have little time to squander. However, putting aside precious time to work our fingers to the bone. With an almost heavenly grace and ease we create masterworks. Or, silly comics about silly things.

After finishing the inking process on the story we are currently working on, Sam scanned everything into his computer. After a bit of a discussion, we decided to add color. For the time being we'll be using color sparingly for a more impressionistic look. We both have a bit of apprehension towards using color completely.

Regardless, we'll probably try out both options. I may post pictures of both and try to get some feedback, but, ultimately, the decision is ours. I have a feeling, for each story, we'll use a different color palette and style accordingly.

So we are making real progress here.

The Clash are the best band ever.

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  1. i concur with clash statement.