Sunday, June 28, 2009

Breaking the Day, Breaking the Day

So Daybreakers...

Why we haven't talked about it, I can't tell you.

A film that looks like a cross between the Matrix, Brick and Alien. Apparently in the future, Vampires are the best thing ever to be. So they take over, with everyone wanting to go vamp and gather up the remaining humans as a blood supply. So the age old question that much of America is facing right now: What happens when our food source, what keeps us alive, runs out? We'll find out.

To be honest, it looks fairly good. Sam Neil and Willem Dafoe are enjoyable, especially when they reverse roles (I am refering to Sam Neil's daring escapades in Jurassic Park and the suits that I've seen Dafoe wear) Ethan Hawke is a good main lead also. Anywho, its nice to see something redeemable in the awful vampire era we are facing currently.

Yea, I meant Twilight

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  1. Please don't say we're in an "awful vampire era" when, just last year, we were gifted with the great Let the Right One In.

    In all honesty, Twilight seems to be the exception.