Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Comics Teamo Meeting #1

Hey Howdy everyone

Sam here with a little update about our comics.

Lately, we've gotten stuck in a rut. Working on a long 10+ chapter story can tough ladies and gentlemen and after awhile, you just don't care that much anymore. I still really enjoy the Fall and the Flood but it never really clicked more me like other stories have. I think we got way in over our heads, so we've decided to focus more on shorts. Though tougher to do, I think it will give us some good practice and let us get a feel for our style.

So we met yesterday, J.drain, Scott and Myself at Borders, and quickly made the switch over to Burger King. There we talked (some say a bit too much) about heroes. From there, we traveled to the sexy woods and conspired about shorts. Here is a streaming sample of ideas that we're going to be working on:

- A bike messenger floats on through his day after running into some intensive traffic.

-A plumber who makes his work quite an adventure when a woman loses her ring.

-A ex-diver practices his craft on what proves to be an icy morning.

Thats all for now, you whipper-snappers. I know you're as excited as we are (maybe) and hopefully we'll be able to bang some out, if scott and i can stop passing out.

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