Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's almost like Japan is TRYING to cause the robot apocalypse.

This was built for The big Gundam fest in Tokyo. I'm calling it "The" big Gundam fest because if your festival has built a 60 foot replica of the thing its celebrating then it's really the only festival that matters. This isn't anywhere near the actual size of a real Gundam, but damn, that is impressive. On the plus side: I guess you could say the Earth Federation already has their first, albeit small, Mobile suit. On the downside: Holy shit, Japan is making giant, possibly homicidal, robots.
More pictures.


  1. Not to nullify your post, but aren't gundam piloted? I might be wrong, didn't watch much anime.

  2. Yes, they are, but at the same time: Holy shit, Japan built a giant fucking robot.