Saturday, June 6, 2009

I don't give a shit about Tetris.

But today the game turns 25 years old. That's fucking insane.

All of us here, at the SIG BOT, are very saddened by the death one Mr. David Carradine. Sam and I began listening to Loveline a while back. It's a funny show. The first night we listened to it together Carradine was on it. He was a very insightful man. Sad to see him go.

The meeting, as Sam said, went reasonably well. Personally speaking, I'm still a bit confused over things, but we're ironing that out right now. J. Drain has a very good style and Samuel and myself are full of weird/silly/funny ideas. Hopefully things work out well in the end and you, the readers, get to enjoy our odd sensibilities.

Now, y'all should head over the Sam's other blog, Damage -> MP, and check This out. A lot of time was spent making it, and I love it.

I want to work on getting more content on this site, soon. Work we are making mostly. Art, comics, and reviews. We're in a middle ground between having nothing and having something. Need to get to the other side soon.

Sinestro Corps War is pretty exciting and in the best way: It's making me seriously want to drive DEEP into the Green Lantern mythos.

Get the Unwritten # 1. It's a dollar and its pretty neat. I'm probably going to get up with that series as it goes along. At the same time, I see it causing me to write a little opinionated article about a few things in comics that annoy me.


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