Sunday, June 14, 2009


So the script for one of our shorts has been completed and the name (rough draft) is in the works. Our wonderful artists are TIRELESSLY working their fingers to the bone to deliver this project on time. It's a quaint little story about love, badgers, existentialism, flying, love, the evils of the the corporate world, Japanese girls, and bicycles (and badgers).

Our next story, which is (probably) going to be much longer than the the already completed story, is currently underway. Hopefully, personally speaking, this story will be about 20 pages, meaning it will be more of a legitimate short story and not a mini-short.

If you notice on your right, over there ----------->
Jon Drain has joined our team. He is, of course, a junior member and will be monitoring his performance closely. Sam and I hope that one day J. Drain will grow into his own and we can stop all the nightly lashings.

LAME: Stephen Sommers was NOT fired. He has retained final cut on G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Dear lord, have you seen the promos for that thing? Looks fucking terrible.

Comic books are great!

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