Wednesday, June 24, 2009

COMIC UPDATES from an Artist Perspective

Hey Howdy Everyone

Sam here with a comic update. I did a good amount of work on it last night, finishing up the 5th page and reworking pages 1 and 2. I originally did them on a train, without a ruler so they ended up being pretty dumpy. Luckily with the help of the wonderful girlfriends art supplies and that fact that I drank a lot of coffee at work the same day, I was able to bust out the work I needed to get done.

So heres what I need to get done:
-An inked version of all the pages so far, as well as adding some shading for a nice effect.
-Figuring out where the wording is going to go and how I am going to input it. I could go with a nice hand written thing or just type it in if I scan it. Thoughts, Ideas?


I am having trouble conceiving the last panel, where our hero rides into the skies. It's not as easy as this:

but hey, i'm working on it.

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